Small Outdoor Kennels

Browse our small outdoor kennel selection. These small, durable and attractive kennels are all you need if you have a small breed or are on a budget.

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Medium Low Profile Outdoor Kennels

View our medium size low profile outdoor kennels. These are perfect if you do not want to obstruct your beautiful views from your windows or you have an HOA with strict bylaws.If you  notice we custom fabricate lifting lids for easy access to your pets and for cleaning. You can choose from wire tops, solid tops or a combination of the two.

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Large Outdoor Kennels

Sometimes you need a little more room. Take a look at our custom built large outdoor dog kennels. These are for the individual who would like to actually walk inside there kennel and access their pets. It also gives the larger size pets a little more room and air circulation.

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Outdoor dog runs

Perfect for the pet owner who has multiple dogs or is a breeder. Our outdoor dog runs are strong enough to handle the most aggressive dog.

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Custom dog kennels

Perhaps your space or imagination just does not fit the typical dog kennel or dog run for sale out there. Can not find exactly a kennel or run that meets your unique needs? We have the solution! Take a look at some of our amazing "Custom Dog Kennels and Dog Runs! You will be amazed!

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Next Steps...

We never know when danger is going to strike! If you live in an area that is populated with coyotes, snakes, birds of prey, large wild cats such as bob cats or mountain lions... You have a risk to your pets. Even animals that you would not think to be a danger to your pets such as raccoons, porcupines, squires, rats carry deadly diseases that can harm or kill your pet if they come into contact with them. A simple solution is to design your pet's personal safety space with a custom built dog kennel or dog run from PetSafe kennels!